Do you ever feel like you Patreon has hit a plateau in terms of backing? Patreon CEO Jack Conte shared some research Patreon had conducted in a recent Hang Time. I was there and I have some highlights for you.

At the end of the episode, I have some exciting news, so stick around.

About The Research

They did data analysis on a bunch of Patreon campaigns that were at a plateau and then saw a big jump to see what they did.

How to Break Past the Patreon Patron Plateau

#1 Revamped tiers and benefits.

  • They changed the benefits and tiers associated with their Patreon page.
  • The system you have is perfectly designed to give you the results you are getting right now.
  • Get rid benefits that don’t work.
  • Add new benefits that do work.

#2 A large increase in the number of locked posts.

  • Locked posts are highly motivating to potential patrons or patrons at lower tier levels.
  • Take advantage of the teaser text that everyone can see. Let people know what they are missing out on.

#3 Limited Time Offer

  • This creates a sense of urgency. Very powerful.
  • Examples of what this could look like.
    • Get featured in my next album/video/book whatever if you become a Patron by the end of the month.
    • Limited Time Deal: Book Launch Blueprint Patrons Only Discount

#4 Patron Recognition

  • Jack said, “If you use a person’s first name in a message to them, those patrons retain better.”
  • One of the causes of a plateau is current patrons leaving at the same rate new patrons come on board.
  • How do you retain your patrons longer? Say “thank you.”
  • I think it is a great policy to message everyone a personal “thank you” after they become a patron. This can also trigger very fun and helpful conversations.
  • People want to feel seen, noticed. A simple “I see you, I notice you” can make someone’s day. This stays with them and keeps them from wanting to drop out.  

#5 Look at what fast-growing creators do and then copy them.

  • In other words, stay subscribed to this show.
  • Let me know if there is a Patreon page you want me to do a deep dive on.


#6 Poll Your Fans. Get to know them and what they want.

  • Don’t assume you know what your patrons want.
  • When we polled our Novel Marketing listeners, we found out nearly all of them were planning to independently publish.
  • Poll them about what annoys them. In the Novel Marketing drip sequence, one email is all about pet peeves. As people answer that email with their pet peeves, we get a better idea of what is bothering them. This helps us craft solutions for those very pain points.

#7 What they didn’t see.

  • Do to the fact that the research looked only at the patreon pages themselves, there is one thing they didn’t see I want to add to the list.
  • Big promotions!
  • Changes to the rewards, limited time offers, and large increases in limited posts all correlate with a big promotion.  
  • If you haven’t had a “pledge drive” in a while consider doing one to break the plateau.


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