009 Launching a Controversial Book on Indiegogo with Jacqueline Isaacs

In this episode, Jacqueline Isaacs shares her experience launching a controversial book on Indiegogo. She also talks about what it was like writing a book along with multiple co-authors.

008 From Hobby Writer to Full Time Author with Rachael Herron

In this episode, Thomas Umstattd talks with Rachael Herron about how she went from writing as a hobby to a full-time author. We specifically talk about how she uses Patreon to connect with her most passionate fans.

007 Diversifying Your Income as a Creator With Joanna Penn

In this episode, Thomas Umstattd Jr. talks with bestselling author and podcaster Joanna Penn about how and why to diversify your income. This can’t-miss episode is packed with practical advice from an industry leader.