In this episode, we talk about how to make money by creating informational products. I also share an example of how to do it from Novel Marketing.

Thank you for your kind reviews.

I was feeling very low yesterday and for some reason I stumbled across the reviews for Creative Funding Show (which I haven’t checked in months.) There were a lot of really kind reviews. I’m glad you are enjoying the show!

So far, I have not been getting much mail. So it is good to know that you are out there listening.

Today we are going to take a deep dive on info products.

What is an info product?

  • Ebook
  • Audio Course
  • Video Course

The key is that it is distilled and it solves a very specific problem that your audience has. Better fit for educational creators rather than entertainment creators.

How To Create an Info Product

  • Start with your audience. What questions are they asking?
  • We have a lot of listeners ask us about launching their books.
  • A lot of this materials is repackaged and re-recorded from the podcast, but focused on the book launch.
  • All the audio is new, but the lessons have been taught before, at least some of them have.
  • We have over 50 hours of audio recorded, this course focuses on the critical info.

Here was our process:

  1. We started by writing a draft of the landing page, and focused on the benefits that people would get from taking the each session,
  2. We outlined the sessions
  3. We recorded the sessions
  4. We developed the handout/homework for the session (this sometimes happened before.)
  5. Then we developed the actual landing page
  6. Got feedback from our Mastermind Group
  7. Went back and reworked the landing page.

Our students are getting more than just lessons. Part of what people are paying for is the community aspect. We will create a students only Facebook group. This is where a lot of the value is going to come from.

Now let’s talk about promotion.

  1. The main way we are going to promote this course is via email.
  2. Mary, Jim and I will all email our lists.
  3. We developed an editorial calendar of when the emails will go out and from who.
  4. We are also promoting it on the Novel Marketing podcast
  5. Novel Marketing Patrons save $50 on the course. This encourages people to sign up as patrons.

Example Episode from Novel Marketing


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