About Mary

Mary DeMuth is an international speaker and podcaster, and she’s the novelist and nonfiction author of over thirty-five books, including the latest: The Seven Deadly Friendships (Harvest House Publishers 2018). She loves to help people re-story their lives. She lives in Texas with her husband of 28 years and is the mom to three adult children. Find out more at marydemuth.com.



  • How did you get started writing?
  • Tell us about Thin Places what lead to that book?
  • What did you readers ask for after reading that book?
  • Let’s talk about Not Marked. How did publishers respond to the idea of that book?
  • What happened with your first Kickstarter campaign?
  • What are you creating currently? (Podcast, Books, Art, etc)
  • Walk us through the different ways you are funding your creativity currently?
  • Walk us through your Patreon reward levels.
  • Where can people find out more about you?
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