About Bremner

Bremner Morris is the Head of Patreon’s Creator Partnerships and Creator Success teams focused on helping creators develop their membership strategies. Bremner spends his days consulting with creators on their membership businesses as well as providing key insights from creators to Patreon’s leadership team.

Before joining Patreon, Bremner lead Business Development, Partnerships and Operations at AppDirect, a technology company that provided the commerce infrastructure for software vendors to launch and scale their subscription business. Bremner brings similar consulting frameworks from AppDirect to the content and creator mmembership/subscriptionspace. Bremner lives in San Francisco and is a cyclist, runner and mediocre drummer :)!


  • What is Patreon?
  • Why is Patreon?
  • Who uses Patreon?
  • Background about Kickstarter.
    • How is Patreon different from Kickstarter?
    • How is Patreon different from Drip?
  • How is Patreon different from YouTube Subscribe?
  • How is Patreon different from Indiegogo
  • What is Patreon working on in the future?


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